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    Sep 26, 2013
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    Yo, just a short intro, the name's John I'm 16, nice to meet you all I guess.
    I don't have a mic right now, for teamspeak. :/ I'm glad to be given this opportunity though. d:
    I know my stay here is going to be enjoyable by the looks of it, I hope to be beneficial and contribute in any way I can.. aside
    from donating money.. cause I'm one real broke mofo.
    Lol look at me being all formal.
    But yeah all and all I never bothered with clans much 'til I joined kickerbs' a couple years back.
    I hope to see the best that's to come. Yeah that's all you need to know really besides that I have a really bad/old rig and probably can't run most of the clan's core games. Lol
    and by no means am I demanding anything, but could one of y'all officers get around to giving my on-site rank? mmh thanks.

    See you guys 'round
  2. Gravvy

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    Sep 5, 2013
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    Welcome man! As for games we play, man we play all sorts of different games. Things from Draw My Thing all the way up to new release games. So our spectrum of games is very broad.

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