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    I want to go over the changes and additions to the Epoch server over the last two weeks.

    • Plot poles are no longer tied to your character. It is now tied to your player id. So when you die, you will not lose access to it.
    • Loot spawn has been changed to 3 minutes instead of 10.
    • The AN2's that fly around the map no longer require 100% damage dealt to crash. Has been modified to require 10% damage.
    • Build limit has been altered from 150 to 600. This has quadrupled the amount you can build in a single area.
    • Most scripts have been moved from the client side to server side. This significantly reduces server load and load times, as well as makes the mission size much smaller than before.
    • Cinder blocks at the wholesaler now cost only 5 gold each instead of one 10 ounce.
    • All traders now have 300 of each item in stock.
    • The merlin can now lift vehicles.
    • Build-able items are now indestructible.
    • Building maintenance has been disabled.

    • Four new mission types. Treasure, Weapons, Building Supplies, and Residential.
    • Self blood bagging. Using a blood bag on yourself may grant you 4000 blood or will infect you and cause you to lose 1000 blood over time as well as make your character sick.
    • Welcome credits will now be displayed when you connect.
    • A small NOx image will now be present in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    I will be continuing to change, fix, and add things to the server. Again, the only way I can know if something works or is good for the server is with your feedback. Please keep it coming. And so that I can make sure everything is remembered, make a post about it in the Epoch forum.

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