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    I'd like to take a minute to explain the definition and use of each of the few ranks we have. This is to give everyone a clear idea as to what the responsibilities members of each rank have.

    This rank of for Gravvy (myself) and this rank is for the leader of the clan.

    Senior Officer
    The Senior Officer rank is reserved for those few members that are of the most trusted and respected members. Members of this rank are solely chosen for by Gravvy.

    Recruitment Officer
    This rank is reserved for those that are in charge of all applications. While they hold all powers and responsibilities of a normal Officer, they are the people that have the final deciding factor on all clan applications.

    An Officer is a rank provided to those that are trusted and respected with leadership and can display it. Officers are the ones that make all the decisions for the clan. While the Founder has an input, all input from Officers is the most valuable asset to the final decisions for the clan.

    People within this rank are here to help alleviate moderation on both the forum and on teamspeak.

    Clan Member
    Everyone else that is not in any of the other ranks, is a Clan Member. A clan members responsibility is to help with recruitment and to act for the clan.

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