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    Teamspeak will be shutdown 08/28/2017. Details Inside

    Teamspeak will be shutdown 08/28/2017. We will be switching to Discord
  5. Gravvy

    Teamspeak is died

    So the box our teamspeak server was hosted on completely broke. So we have been moved to a new box which means, we have a new IP address for Teamspeak. The new IP is below. As since we were moved to a new box, Teamspeak was completely reinstalled. So everything was reset, server groups...
  6. Gravvy

    The new new

    Moved forum software from IPB to Xenforo. Much easier and much more cleaner. Plus our old website was so cluttered and bogged down. We lost a few 'features' but all in all this is much better.
  7. Gravvy

    Clan Rules

    The following rules have been revised. Edited Rules 3,7 Previously 3. Remember, all ranks have a voice in the clan and everyone is expected to be treated as equals. 7. No spamming in-game, in teamspeak, or on the website. Spamming includes, but isn't limited to: Playing music, Chewing food...
  8. Gravvy

    A new look

    As you can see, the website has a new, simpler look. Cool. If you see any images missing, or broken, let nanners know.
  9. Gravvy

    Clan Rules

    Revision Notice The following rules have been revised. Rule #11 - Fuck it, you can put porn on teamspeak. No gay porn, Serena.
  10. Gravvy

    Clean Up Time Again!

    On Monday I will be cleaning out the roster. Those who have not been around in some time will be removed and if they want to be in the clan, they will need to contact us. The following people will be removed unless active by Monday: Molochia Crono SeventhAssault Criptox KillSteenKill Valech...
  11. Gravvy

    Server Maintenance Tonight

    Tonight at 11pm CST the website will be going down for mainenance. This will affect and for a couple of hours. For teamspeak, use to connect.
  12. Gravvy

    Harder Epoch Server?

    Lol, it wouldn't be a rule for the whole 2 squad thing. The style of the server would just be more oriented to that. You can be a team of however many people you want. These are just idea's, which is why I need your guys input.
  13. Gravvy

    Harder Epoch Server?

    You ain't no Apache! Yous a phony! Jokes aside, what suggestions would you have? Cause honestly I want to help make everyone happy.
  14. Gravvy

    Counter-Strike Game Night?

    Please vote on the poll and give me your opinions in the post on this topic. Original Post
  15. Gravvy

    Harder Epoch Server?

    Please vote on the poll and give me your opinions in the post on this topic. Original Post
  16. Gravvy

    Clan Rules Revisement

    The Clan Rules have been revised heavily. Make sure you go over and take a look. Clan Rules
  17. Gravvy

    Clan Rules

    Revision Notice The following rules have been revised. Tons of changes.
  18. Gravvy

    Roster Clean Up

    I have gone through and cleaned up the member roster. I have removed those that have not been around or heard from for more than a month. If you happen to be one of those people, please submit a new application.
  19. Gravvy

    Member Channels & Babies

    All member channels are now in one spot on teamspeak. So whether you are an Officer or a Member, all channels are together. And congrats to Starfallen on poppin out yet another kid. Serious though, congrats bud. You made yourself a beautiful child.
  20. Gravvy

    Happy Holiday!

    To those of us in America, have a happy thanksgiving. To those not in America, happy normal thursday. Now back to turkey. bye bye.


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